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Häußling Winery

Nahe Wine Area


For quite some time now, the Nahe Area has been more than a secret tip for wine aficionados.

Nahe Wine Area
Nahe Wine Area  

"Nahe wine features all the most favorable qualities of German wine," writes 'wine pope' Hugh Johnson in his wine atlas.

Nowhere else do grapes yield such a unique variety of wines, due to the geological structures and one-of-a-kind climatic and regional conditions.

Our arid climate and higher-than-average temperatures are the prerequisite for high-end vines.

Nahe Wine Area

With one eye on the wines' quality and the evolving culture of growing grapes, and their hearts dedicated to tradition, local vintners create wines that rank among the world's best.


Our vineyards
Our grape harvest lastet until October. …
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